Food Crunch

15/03/2011 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Solche Nachrichten gab es ne Menge, als wir in Indien waren:

Onion boycott For Pushpa, the last straw was the sharp rise in the price of onions a few weeks ago. A staple for Indian families, used in almost all dishes, its cost has risen dramatically over the past month. A kilogram which usually costs 20 rupees went up to 85 rupees ($1.87; £1.20). At present, it is 50 to 60 rupees a kilo. Some residents in north Mumbai have even boycotted using onions in their daily meals. In response, the government stepped in with measures like a ban on exports and the slashing of import duties. It also tried importing cheaper onions from Pakistan. However, its neighbour recalled the onion trucks meant for the Indian market from the Wagah border due to its own domestic shortages. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also called a meeting to discuss strategies to tackle the rising food inflation. However, opposition leaders have slammed the government for failing to curb prices.

Dass dies nicht nur ein indisches Problem ist, zeigen folgende Nachrichten:

‘”In both Tunisia and Egypt, women in TV interviews screamed about food prices,” says Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign Relations. “Food inflation was a contributor. How much we don’t know.” Whatever the verdict, it’s not an idle curiosity. As much as oil, scarce food could shape global politics for decades.

‘Call it the Great Food Crunch. Global food demand is colliding with strained supply. High prices or shortages could destabilize poor countries and trigger global scrambles for scarce foodstuffs. The present price surge is the second in three years. In 2008, run-ups in rice and wheat triggered protests and riots in about two dozen countries, including Egypt, Haiti and the Philippines. Then and now, some suppliers (India and Vietnam in 2008 for rice and Russia now for wheat) restricted exports, increasing world prices and shifting risk to countries with food deficits.

aber richtig schlimm wird es erst dadurch:


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