Meredith Whitney: „If I wasn’t, people wouldn’t pay it, right?“

06/07/2013 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

In 2007 Meredith Whitney predicted the bank crises – and it did.

in 2010 she predicted that 50 to 100 municipal bonds would default – and they didn’t.

That was in 2008 when she was still working for Oppenheimer, a minor Wall Street outfit, and Whitney was flying around the world, hired out by the hour to talk to clients. When I ask what her hourly rate was, she doesn’t blink: “A hundred thousand dollars.”

This time I’ve heard, but I get her to repeat it anyway: $100,000 an hour? Could anyone be worth such an insane amount?

“I was,” she says solemnly. “If I wasn’t, people wouldn’t pay it, right? The market’s fair that way.” What she thought less fair was that Oppenheimer pocketed most of the cash. “So I’m, like, if I’m so smart, how come I’m not making the money? In August I was on the cover of Fortune magazine.

Das System ist krank!


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