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Das ist, was ich an Indien so mochte auf der langen Reise 2010/2011

Indians are never short of creativity!! One of the things they are proud of :D
The innovative improvisations always make me wonder why is that these things happen majorly in a country like India??

Is it because they very little resources? Is it because people are adaptable? Whatever the reasons are, some of these small inventions surely have started making a difference and have helped many people. Some have even been adopted into mass productions and lots more yet to be Jugaad-ed!!!

Bike – Water Pump

This is widely being used by farmers all over India as it is more advantageous than a regular pump in more than one way.

1) Portable -Can be moved to another location and can easily be assembled.

2) Petrol – Not dependent on electricity,which is usually a major issue in Indian villages

3) Share-ability – Since it is portable, the finances and usage can be shared.


Trouser – Air divider

What would you do if you have one air cooler and two rooms to cool? This is a indigenous solution for you. All you need is a trouser and you have your own easy easy-to-assemble,portable,100% green air divider.


Shelf – Modified CPU

In these days of ultra modern interior decorations, what can get more technological than a modified CPU for a Shelf!! But on a serious note this is definitely something to adopted in this age of E-waste , this is a good step towards reusing rather than dumping it.


Two wheeler – Convertible

For all those lower middle class people who really can’t afford a 4-wheeler and regularly get wet in the rains thanks to the tropical weather of India. This is a simple add-on to your two wheeler to protect you a bit from harsh elements like rain and the sun.




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